How you’ll safely learn with Reef Scuba Ltd

New to diving?

It’s great introducing new divers to the underwater world and seeing the joy on their faces when they experience it for the first time. Rest assured, the skills needed to dive aren’t difficult to master and our great team of instructors will do everything they can to make each lesson fun and instructive.

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Diving for all

Depending on the course you choose, learning with us will include Confined Water Lessons, Theory Lessons and Open Water Dives.

Confined Water Lessons

Our Confined Water lessons are held in the pool on Monday nights – as part of Reef Scuba’s Club Night. You’ll meet divers of all ages, experience levels and interests and find everyone very friendly and helpful. Divers love talking about diving!

The pool we use is perfect for both beginners and more advanced divers. The shallow end is 1.6 metres (m) deep so it’s tailor-made for learning, allowing the whole class to stand and talk about each new skill and kneel and practice in the water, before moving into the deep end. This is in line with PADI Safety Standards for teaching in confined water and all pool sessions also comply with HSE’s Approved Code of Practice safety regulations. The deep end is 3.6m, allowing students to become comfortable in deeper water before open water diving. This depth is also great for practicing skills, such as buoyancy or sending a marker buoy up from a reel.

Theory Lessons

Our Theory Lessons are held at Reef Scuba HQ in a relaxed, friendly classroom setting – to help you get the most out of each session. If you haven’t been in a classroom for years, don’t worry, the theory is easy to grasp and you’ll be given support materials including a PADI training manual and DVD to help guide you through each topic. As always, our instructors will make learning fun and there’ll be quick quizzes and short tests throughout the course, with a final exam at the end, to help you learn everything you need to be a safe and confident diver.

Open Water Dives

Open Water Dives are where our students get to experience a real open water environment out of the pool, giving you the chance to demonstrate and enjoy your new-found diving skills. Rest assured, we always use high quality equipment appropriate to the dive site. For example, we use dry suits and cold water equipment in the UK and wetsuits in warmer countries. Open Water Dives are run in line with HSE’s Approved Code of Practice safety regulations and you’ll always be taught by one of our experienced PADI-qualified instructors with a rescue diver in the water and dedicated surface support.

Reef Scuba Pool Nights

Depending on the course you choose, Reef Scuba Pool Nights are where you’ll have your Confined Water Lessons, but they’re also a great chance to come along and meet divers from all walks of life – from newbies to experienced pros. Above all, Reef Scuba is a friendly, welcoming, inclusive place for anyone with a passion for diving.

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Dive Safe with Reef Scuba Ltd

“In 25 years of diving I’ve never been involved in an incident and I do everything in my control to keep my students safe.”
– Richard Heath.

Our Founder, Richard Heath, has taught PADI courses for over 20 years with an unbroken safety record and here at Reef Scuba, safety always comes first.
This commitment to your wellbeing is paramount and we promise to do everything we can to make your safety and comfort our priority, whatever your experience level and qualifications. For example, on Open Water Dives, you’ll always be led by an experienced PADI-qualified instructor, supported by a rescue diver in the water and a support team on the surface. In this way, we go above and beyond many other dive schools.

We follow all PADI safety standards and comply fully with HSE regulations for diving at work, so you’re in the safest of hands. All our instructors have PADI teaching status, HSE medicals for diving at work and are fully insured with Reef Scuba. Plus, they only ever teach the courses they’re qualified to teach.