Dive safety

Reef Scuba Limited - Scuba Dive Nottingham.

“In 25 years of diving I’ve never been involved in an incident and I do everything in my control to keep my students safe.”

– Richard Heath

Our Founder, Richard Heath, has taught PADI courses for over 20 years with an unbroken safety record and here at Reef Scuba, safety always comes first.

This commitment to your wellbeing is paramount and we promise to do everything we can to make your safety and comfort our priority, whatever your experience level and qualifications. For example, on Open Water Dives, you’ll always be led by an experienced PADI-qualified instructor, supported by a rescue diver in the water and a support team on the surface. In this way, we go above and beyond many other dive schools.

We follow all PADI safety standards and comply fully with HSE regulations for diving at work, so you’re in the safest of hands. All our instructors have PADI teaching status, HSE medicals for diving at work and are fully insured with Reef Scuba. Plus, they only ever teach the courses they’re qualified to teach.